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Facade illumination

For centuries, the parish church of St. Gallus, together with the parish house to the west, later the schoolhouse and the graves to the south, formed an important part of the small community in Steinhöring, Bavaria. The demolition of the school building in the 1990s and the emphasis on a new town centre now make it reasonable to open the church to the west. A gate in the previously untouched wall of the building now allows more appropriate access for the community at festivities and weddings. In front of the new entrance, a newly designed forecourt invites visitors to linger and creates space for encounters.

The task for ADOLights in Steinhöring was to illuminate the facade of the elaborately renovated church from the ground to complete the lighting of the square and the access routes. The focus here was on glare-free illumination for pedestrians, which was achieved by the very narrow and targeted beam characteristics of the luminaire. Thanks to the LED floor spotlights, dark outdoor areas are a thing of the past.

Architect: Eberhard von Angerer, Munich

Lighting planner: HL Lichttechnik, Ruhpolding

Photografer: Peter von Pigage

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology

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St. Gallus Church

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