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EXPO 2020 Dubai


Signposting mobility

For Expo 2020 in Dubai, three pavilions have been built to address the big issues to shape better the future: sustainability, opportunity and mobility.

»Alif – the Mobility Pavilion«, designed by Foster + Partners, will showcase the latest mobility concepts on more than 12,000 sqm of total space and 4,000 sqm of exhibition area, explaining how information, ideas and goods can be exchanged faster than ever.

In keeping with the theme, Delta Lighting Design developed a lighting concept that underlines the outer form of the pavilion and creates a permanent liveliness in the evening by reflecting the light on the stainless steel cladding. In addition, the lighting design functions as a signpost that guides visitors in a kind of circular route around the building.

A total of 870 LED LightLines LLF40.30, each 620 mm long, were laid in the floor around the pavilion. The LightLines can be walked on and rolled over –an essential factor for a public square with busy public traffic.

Architect: Foster + Partners, London

Light planner: David Atkinson Lighting Design, London | Delta Lighting Design, London/Dubai

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology

| Workers Monument |

A bright form of recognition

In honour of the workers involved in the construction of Expo 2020 in Dubai, their names – 200,000 in total – have been mortalised on 38 cylindrical columns. In two rows, 19 columns each symbolise the phases of the lunar cycle from new moon to full moon. This is made particularly clear by the illumination of the stone monuments during eclipse.

Since this is a kind of walk-in sculpture, the task was to create lighting that brightly illuminates the columns without blinding passers-by. The ideal playing field for the curved version of the ADO LightLines, which were equipped with extra strong LED modules for this purpose.

The luminaires were made for each column as an individual, closed unit, which could then be effortlessly lifted over the individual columns and connected. The distance between the LightLines and the stone was specified with a minimum tolerance of 10 mm.

Architect: Asif Khan, London

Light planner: David Atkinson Lighting Design, London

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology

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EXPO 2020 Dubai

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