Clara & Robert


Sophisticated and Efficient

The name is a homage to Robert and Clara Schumann – after all, the composer, supported by his wife, was the municipal music director in Düsseldorf from 1850. This eye-catching ensemble was planned and realized by the office sop slapa oberholz pszczulny architekten.

In “Robert”, light lines integrated into the façade direct the eye to the entrance area of the so-called Saarhaus of the former Ulanenkaserne. Wallwashers, whose angle can be individually selected, illuminate the old walls from below. A glass cover over the stainless steel housing of the LED Drainlight ensures that neither dirt nor wilted leaves impair the illuminants in their radiance. Internal metal gutters ensure that condensation and rainwater is drained off without any problems. The Wallwashers and Lightlines underline the historical part of the ensemble. This sparingly decorative aspect is continued in the interior lighting.

The newly created offices were equipped with the LED Around. As a pendant luminaire it lights conference and meeting rooms, offering both, a slim minimalist aluminium profile and a high-quality finish. Switched off, the illuminant appears transparent and thus has a light and airy appearance. Microprisms embedded in the glass may be visible as tiny dots. Switched on, LED Around provides a pleasant, homogeneous light, 40 per cent being emitted upwards and 60 per cent being emitted downwards. The luminaire is infinitely dimmable, a big advantage, for example, when using a beamer for presentations.

The workplaces were equipped with the LED Around as a freestanding luminaire. This does not only ensure the mandatory 500 lux per desk. Thanks to their intelligent but primarily energy efficient overall concept the sensor equipped luminaires automatically react to any increase or decrease in daylight. Each luminaire is equipped with a presence detector: It detects whether or not a person is at his/her workplace and switches the luminaire on or off accordingly. »Swarm circuitry« ensures a pleasant ambience. It can be used to combine several luminaires in a network.

In the “Clara” part of the building, ADO Lights contributed flush-fitted wall lights as well as the lighting for the foyer. The LED Linargo is particularly characterised by its filigree profile, its high-quality finish and its totally homogeneous light. Here too, attention was once again paid to efficiency. The operation of the recessed luminaires can be programmed so that they emit less lumen at night or provide emergency lighting in the event of a power failure. As a pendant luminaire, the LED Linargo emits indirect light upwards and direct, yet glare-free light downwards. If illumination of the building is also required at night, the luminaire can be switched to indirect light, simply because extraordinary architecture should also be visible at night.

Architect: sop architekten

Client: die developer

Photographer: Peter von Pigage

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Clara & Robert

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